New fund aims to preserve local history

The Curwood Castle will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary and a new fund at the Shiawassee Community aims to ensure financial stability for the Owosso Historical Commission. (photo provided)

The story of Owosso and the figures who have shaped it into a bustling community, will be known far into the future due in part to a new collaboration between the City of Owosso and Shiawassee Community Foundation.

The city recently began an agency fund for the Owosso Historical Commission. This fund will provide sustainable income for the commission to continue its work to preserve and restore historical aspects of the community. This is especially important with a milestone anniversary looming for what is perhaps the most well-known structure in the city.

“Curwood Castle will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2023, the Owosso Historic Commission hopes that the creation of this fund will help them maintain, preserve and restore the Castle and Owosso’s history for another 100 years,” explained Assistant City Manager Amy Fuller.

Placing the fund in the care of the Shiawassee Community Foundation allows residents to easily donate to the preservation of the community’s rich history. Fuller said the goal of the fund and new collaboration is not only the preservation of history but increasing residents’ participation the commission and its mission.

“It is our hope the fund will help the community foster an appreciation of and discover Owosso’s heritage,” said Fuller.

Executive Director Kim Renwick explained how this fund and its goals fit perfectly with the work taking place at the Shiawassee Community Foundation.

“This new fund will not only preserve the amazing work being done by the historical commission, but it will also ensure the commission has financial stability well into the future. These types of agency funds provide stability for local organizations to strengthen their efforts and continue their missions for generations,” said Renwick. “We are honored to help the commission build sustainability and the impact the commission can have on the community.”

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By Amy Jo Brown, Program Manager – Shiawassee Community Foundation