New Fund! Elizabeth Ippy Rancour Memorial Fund

We are delighted to share a heartfelt announcement that will make a lasting impact on the Shiawassee County community. In November 2023, the Shiawassee Community Foundation proudly introduced the Elizabeth Ippy Rancour Memorial Fund—an initiative crafted by the remarkable Elizabeth Ippy Rancour herself.

Elizabeth’s extraordinary journey as a dedicated educator spans three decades, leaving an indelible mark on Corunna Jr. High School and Durand Jr. High. Following her teaching career, she continued to inspire at SRESD for 22 years. However, her impact extended far beyond the classroom.

Initiating the girls’ little league softball program in 1986 and playing a pivotal role in establishing the Special Olympics in Shiawassee County in 1974, Elizabeth’s commitment to community development is unparalleled. Her leadership roles as the county coordinator (1974-1979) and Area 28 director (1982-1991) in sports programs have created a legacy of inclusivity.

Beyond sports, Elizabeth was a Girl Scout leader, actively engaged with The Arc of Mid-Michigan, and earned the Teacher of the Year award in 1983. Her dedication to enhancing the community’s well-being is truly inspiring.

How Your Contribution Matters

By donating to the Elizabeth Ippy Rancour Memorial Fund, you play a pivotal role in continuing Elizabeth’s legacy. Your contribution supports programs like the Special Olympics of Shiawassee County and The Arc of Mid-Michigan, ensuring that these initiatives thrive and positively impact the lives of community members.

Join us in welcoming the Elizabeth Ippy Rancour Memorial Fund and honoring a woman who dedicated her life to giving back to Shiawassee County. Together, let’s make a positive impact that resonates for generations to come.

🌈 To contribute to the Elizabeth Ippy Rancour Memorial Fund and be part of this meaningful journey, click the donate button today! 🌈