Attention, aspiring wordsmiths and storytellers!

The Walter E. Lawrence Jr. (English/Journalism) Memorial Fund Scholarship is here to turn your literary dreams into reality!

Join us in celebrating the legacy of Walter E. Lawrence Jr., a true literary aficionado who graduated proudly from Owosso High School in 1971. His passion for language, journalism, and the pursuit of knowledge has paved the way for the creation of this exceptional scholarship fund.

🎓 Scholarship Criteria:

  1. Must be an Owosso High School Senior.
  2. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better.
  3. Priority given to English or Journalism majors.
  4. Financial need will be considered.

📅 Application Deadline: January 31, 2024

Seize this incredible opportunity to fuel your academic journey and follow in Walter’s footsteps. Submit your applications via Awardspring through the Shiawassee Community Foundation’s website at before the January 31, 2024 deadline.

But that’s not all! We invite you, our community of supporters, to be a part of something truly special. Contribute to the Walter E. Lawrence Jr. (English/Journalism) Memorial Fund, and ensure that Walter’s love for literature and commitment to journalistic integrity continue to inspire generations to come. Donations can be made year-round. Donate via our website

Let’s craft a future filled with words, stories, and endless possibilities. Apply now, and let the Walter E. Lawrence Jr. Memorial Scholarship be the key to unlocking your literary journey!

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