Unleashing Creativity and Confidence: Shiawassee Community Foundation and Lebowsky Center Empower Youth through Performing Arts

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                          July 10, 2023

Owosso, 7/3/23- The Shiawassee Community Foundation proudly announces its recent collaboration with the Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts to support its youth programming and summer camp. Lebowsky was awarded a generous grant of $900 from the Alford and Alice Emmert Youth Fund and $2,142 from the Memorial Healthcare Foundation Community Health and Education Fund, which have been instrumental in rebuilding the community’s youth programming after the challenging period of the pandemic.

The grant’s primary focus to The Lebowsky Center is to provide children in the community with a unique opportunity to experience the transformative power of performing arts. By participating in the summer camp and youth programming, children in grades 3 to 8 and 8 to 12 can develop a strong foundation of creativity, self-expression, and confidence.

Grades 3 to 8 have finished their camp, and one of the highlights was the production of “Finding Nemo Junior” on the final day. The students’ outstanding performances were a testament to their hard work and dedication throughout the camp. Parents and students alike have expressed appreciation for the positive experiences gained during the program, with many expressing their intentions to participate again. Grades 8 to 12 will be performing “Mean Girls Junior.”

Through the camp, students are introduced to various aspects of stage management, acting, technical production, stage makeup, and costume design, among others. The theater experience goes beyond the stage, providing students with essential life skills such as teamwork, cooperation, and effective communication. Furthermore, it fosters creativity and independent thinking while encouraging collaboration within a team environment.

Kim Renwick, the Executive Director of the Shiawassee Community Foundation, commented, “We are thrilled to partner with the Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts to empower the youth in our community through the arts. By supporting their participation in this program, we aim to inspire a lifelong passion for the performing arts and equip them with invaluable skills for their future endeavors.”

Kelleigh Tanton, Executive Director of the Lebowsky Center, remarked, “We are thankful to the Shiawassee Community Foundation for their support from the Alford & Alice Emmert Youth Fund and the Memorial Healthcare Foundation Community Health and Education Fund for supporting our educational programming efforts. With the support of these foundations, the Lebowsky Center has doubled its educational programming from one camp to two and more than doubled participation from the previous year. We are thrilled to serve this segment of the community.” 

The Shiawassee Community Foundation and the Lebowsky Center for Performing Arts are dedicated to nurturing and fostering the talents and aspirations of young individuals. Through continued collaboration and support from community members and organizations, they strive to create a lasting impact on the lives of the youth in Shiawassee County.

For more information about the Shiawassee Community Foundation and its initiatives, please visit www.shiacf.org