Looking Glass Community Outreach Awarded $2,000

Shiawassee Community Foundation met with Looking Glass Community Outreach (LGCO) on April 27 after being awarded $2,000 from the Alford and Alice Emmert Youth Fund for their Book Partner Program.  

This after-school book partners program works with local 2nd-grade students who wish to catch up on their reading levels to meet or surpass the 3rd-grade entry level of reading. 

Students enjoy one-on-one reading time with mentors and complete activity sheets afterward. “This program allows students to be better prepared for reading when they start 3rd grade,” stated Cathy Provines, Director of Looking Glass Community Outreach. “We are thankful we can continue the program with funding through the Shiawassee Community Foundation. During Covid, reading levels dropped. We are happy to see an increased improvement this year through our mentoring program at Perry Elementary School,” stated Provines.

Pictured are:
Mentors: Kathy Duso, Tim Harmon, Peri Bianchi, Holly Socia, Doug Akright, Jim Valentine, Colleen Frent
Director of Looking Glass Community Outreach- Cathy Provines
Directors of Book Partner Program- Debbie Stewart and Mary Plowman
Principal- Jackie Staib
Executive Director of Shiawassee Community Foundation – Kim Renwick
Board Member of Shiawassee Community Foundation- Jacklyn Hurd

Looking Glass Community Outreach Awarded from Shiawassee Community Foundation