🍀🌈 Join Us for “Giving Green” at ShiaCF! 🌈🍀

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya, 

Ah, ’tis the season of luck and leprechauns, and we’re inviting ye all to join us in a grand display of goodwill at the Shiawassee Community Foundation! In our jolly event, “Giving Green,” we’re lookin’ to bedeck our window with shamrocks for the merry month of March, each one symbolizin’ the boundless generosity and kindness of our fine community.

Here’s the scoop on how it all works:

Green Shamrock (From a wee $1 to $499):

A wee donation of $1 to $499 will fetch ye a lovely green shamrock. Every coin counts, me friends, and yer contribution, no matter how small, plays a vital role in buildin’ the very foundation of support for our beloved community.

Gold Shamrock (From a grand $500 and beyond):

Now, for those of ye who can spare a pot o’ gold, donations of $500 and above will earn ye the honor of a prestigious gold shamrock. Yer commitment to liftin’ our community to new heights shines brighter than any rainbow, and we’re downright grateful for yer generous support.

Makin’ a Difference:

Now, where do all these coins go, ye might wonder? Well, straight as an arrow, they head toward supportin’ various initiatives and programs facilitated by the Shiawassee Community Foundation. From educational endeavors to community development projects, and lendin’ a hand to those in need, yer contributions make it all possible.

Honourin’, Celebratin’, and Rememberin’:

In Honor Of:

Dedicate yer heart to someone near and dear. Be it a friend, a kin, or a cherished community figure, this is a grand way to show yer appreciation and celebrate their impact.

In Celebration Of:

Raise a toast for milestones, achievements, or any joyous occasion that tickles yer fancy. Placin’ a shamrock in our window makes yer celebration a part of the collective joy we share as a community.

In Memory Of:

Let’s raise a glass in remembrance of those who’ve left a mark on our hearts. Placin’ a shamrock in their memory is a beautiful tribute to the legacy they’ve left behind.

How to Donate:

Now, if yer feelin’ the luck of the Irish stirrin’ within ye, hop on over to our website at https://www.shiacf.org/donate/ to make yer donation. Voila! Yer contribution will not only adorn our window but will also sprout the seeds of growth and well-bein’ in our community.

Join Us in Buildin’ a Foundation of Love:

Let’s gather ’round like a merry band of leprechauns and weave a vibrant tapestry of shamrocks that mirrors the unity, compassion, and generosity that define us. Thank ye kindly for bein’ a part of this heartfelt endeavor – together, we can make a grand impact that’ll last a lifetime!

With a pot o’ gratitude at the end of the rainbow,

The Shiawassee Community Foundation